R.A.Y. Ministries:  Real Assistance for Youth

Operating since 1991


President:  Roger Young

Vice President: Phil Visser

Treasurer: John Bittorf

Secretary: Janice LeBreton

Spiritual Resource Chair: Betty Cutting

Property Chair: Art LeBreton

Members without portfolio:

-Jason Bobbette

-Margaret Young


Ministry Director: Katie Eriksen

Promotions Co-Ordinators:  Andy and Sheilah Fletch

"To be available to, and reach out to, the street youth of Owen Sound in a friendly and Christ-like way, to encourage them to make uplifting choices, and to offer help with any of their needs."

1. To reach out to youth on the streets of Owen Sound under the leadership of Jesus Christ, and develop friendships with them.

2. To help them with any needed sustenance and shelter and give them encouragement to make choices which will enhance their well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

3. To assist them to make use of counselling and services in the community which could help meet their needs.

4. To reveal to them the love of Jesus Christ by listening in a caring and loving way, answering questions, living and sharing our faith, and walking with them as they struggle with their problems.

5. With the help of Holy Spirit, to present the Gospel and lead many to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and experience fellowship and communion with believers in Churches of their choice.

6. To carry on the Corporation's affairs without the purpose of gain for its members, and with any profits of other accretions to the Corporation being used solely in promoting its objectives.

7. To cooperate with other organizations, whether incorporated or not, whose objectives are consistent with those of the Corporation.