Every Donation Counts...  "Thank You!"

We are a registered charity with Revenue Canada.  All donations submitted directly to us will be receipted at the end of each year.  There are several ways to make a donation:

1.  Mail (please mail to the address below under 'contact us')

2.  At one of our fundraising events

3.  On-line through 'Canada Helps'

  >>Through this on-line service, you can make a one-time donation, schedule monthly donations or donate securities.  Canada Helps charges a fee of up to 3.5% for processing and they will provide a tax receipt. 

R.A.Y. Ministries does not receive any funding from the government.  This ministry is supported entirely through the generous donations of individuals and local churches.  It takes approximately $3,000/month to maintain our ministry.

It's more than a membership... its a 'Partnership'!

Membership in R.A.Y. Ministries is available by submitting a completed 'Application for Membership' and paying a membership fee of $10 annually.  After a year probation a member can vote at all Annual General Meetings and stand for election as an officer or member of the Board of Directors.

There are always volunteer opportunities!

There are different ways that you can volunteer at R.A.Y. Ministries...

1.  Food Donors  (Yup!  Youth are always hungry :)   Chips, pop, veggies, cheese, crackers, hot pot of soup, etc.)

2.  Praying  (Nothing happens without prayer! ...for the youth, the Director, volunteers, etc.)

3.  On-Site Volunteers  (We rely heavily on volunteers to be here on site)

4. Cleaning  (The facility needs a weekly clean-up! Always looking for help here :)